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Current day NYC: 160 yrs to build


China alone: building 100 NYCs in just 20 years...

Midtown NYC: 1850 - Present

By 2030 the world needs:

NYC Midtown: 1850 - Current


more energy


more food


more water


more steel







Our Macro Thesis

The scale & speed of global urbanization is unprecedented.  We will need resources to build this urbanization and we will need substantially more energy, water and materials.  Historical examples demonstrate that innovation always overcomes similar crises and we want to be part of those solutions.  Therefore we invest in companies desiring to lead industries & the population beyond a resource-constrained world.  

We focus on companies that:

Make things differently.  Make what exists more productive.

Resource Efficiency

Asset Productivity

Our Focus

Large, mature industries won't change fast.  Where we see opportunity: emergent business models and technology integration applications that are pushing sustainable innovation.  Change will come from bottom-up, emergent business models.  We look for new companies approaching these industries with a new model, fabrication method, design process or all of the above.  Change also will come from integration opportunities where technology can create a production and efficiency multiplier to enhance the existing industry.


We invest across four areas: real estate, energy, food/agriculture, and water . 


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