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Make what exists more productive.

How do we create dynamic assets?  In essence, how can you apply knowledge and systems to make something not only last longer but make it more productive over time? 


We think of assets in terms of any created object, the ocean, a building, the land, etc.   The term asset is used because it represents something that either increases or decreases in value depending on how it's maintained. 


Technology and new business models are emerging that enable tremendous improvements in asset productivity.  Whether land, a building, or the ocean, the integration of technology, new products and new business methods offers the ability to create dynamic, ongoing productive assets where the application of knowledge informs how to maximize productivity.  Buildings, for example, should be net producers of energy versus net consumers, especially since buildings and infrastructure represent the highest resource demand in urban nodes.  The land and oceans are two abundant assets where asset productivity is sub-optimal.  The land and oceans enable most of the food we eat.  And we need a lot more of it in the future.  How do we meet the future protein demand yet keep generating wild food from our oceans? 


Asset productivity lies at the center of our ability to extend lifecycles and mitigate the effects of future resource demand because it focuses on what already exists. 




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